jeudi 6 mars 2008

mercredi 5 mars 2008

mardi 4 mars 2008


Photo by Xavier -

Laquelle ? 1 et 2/3 - Which one ? 1 and 2/3

Des petits soucis techniques m ont empéchés de poster ces derniers jours. N'arrivant pas a me décider sur la photo, en voici 3 pr le prix d'une...

I couldn't post over the last days. As I can't choose now between 3 pictures, I ll just post the 3 and let you decide...
Photos by Xavier -

samedi 1 mars 2008

Porte - Door

J'essayais de photographier des cabris sur la route... J ai juste eu la porte !

I was trying to picture goats while driving...I just got the door !

Photo by Xavier -

vendredi 29 février 2008

jeudi 28 février 2008

You make my day award

Thank you Ann for the award.

In addition to montego daily photo, here are some blogs I'd recommand. I chose them first for the beautiful pictures they display, but also cause the remind me of places where I lived/ studied...

1 - Clueless in Boston :

2 - Rome daily photo : (though I actually lived in Tuscany but did not find blogs for that region and I love Rome and the pictures there)

5 - Montreal : (Technically I never lived there but I do go there often and have a condo there ;) )